Alfonso López Rueda, Digital Manager in Pharma


My name is Alfonso Lopez and this is my blog where I invite you to surf in the digital world, more specifically in the Pharma world.

As you know, it is one of the most complicated environments that you can find as Digital Marketing, where Multichannel, Social Media and innovation trying to break into a slow in adoption and regulated environment.

In this blog I share my personal opinions, tests of tools, strategies and information on Multichannel and Social Media.


I am Digital Marketing Manager at LEO Pharma Spain, although I come from an IT profile, I have a Master in Digital Marketing by Esic, extensive knowledge of CRM, SEO, Omnichannel and, above all Social Media, one of my passions and where I most enjoy developing creative campaigns.

Finishing 2016 with one of the highest Klout in Pharma, and with several success projects, campaigns and Aspid awards that guarantee the creativity and impact of using Social Media. Even if we are in Pharma!

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