Omnichannel en Pharma desde el punto de vista del visitador médico

Omnichannel, ¿from a medical representative perspective?…

I try to do Omnichannel strategies in Pharma, try, because like I always say, Omnichannel is an aspiration, something like reaching the Nirvana, and more evident if we are in the pharmaceutical sector where we go in small steps.

But returning to the title, I receive an email with an “I do Omnichannel but from the Rep perspective.” I re-read and took me time to react. I try to set an example for myself … Would this be as if Zara does Omnichannel but only from the point of view of the Avenida Diagonal store?

But, what is Omnichannel?

I return to the basic concept of the Omnichannel: we want that the consumer or customer live a brand experience, not just a channel experience.  The marketing Omnichannel defines a strategy through different integrated channels.

It is at this point that we have to ask ourselves who is our customer: Being Patient Centric minds that the patients are at the center of everything we do.

But we aren’t CocaCola or Zara, so in Pharma all the marketing is very complicated and part of our communication reaches only the health professional, another important part reach patients or society in general, either through awareness campaigns or trough campaigns offering an holistic approach for pathologies.

The Rep has been “the channel” in Pharma and although it is still a very important channel, in the Omnichannel Marketing, is not the only one.

Offline Channels en Pharma

  • Call
  • Fax
  • Newsletter
  • Rep Visit
  • Rep tablet
  • Sample
  • MSL
  • Advertisement
  • Earned (KOL, Associations, Patients, Nurses, Pharmacist, Hospital, government, etc.

Online Channels en Pharma

  • eMail
  • Teledetailling
  • Twitter
  • Website
  • eMSL
  • Webcast, Webinars, Streaming
  • Smartphone app
  • Banners
  • Website: Patient Association, Health Authority, HCP Association

When we provide a Rep with tools like Veeva, an edetailler, Approval eMail, Engage, etc. what we are doing is opening new communication channels, but then to be a real Omnichannel it is necessary to have all this integrated with the rest of the ofline and online channels  thinking on a final strategy that gives a personal experience in all points of contact with our company.

At this stage the integration of physical and digital channels becomes essential, as well as a segmentation strategy based on user preferences.

Digital Marketing is the basis to unite and work in coordination all the channels. This means a big change in Pharma where in many cases it continues anchored in the use of a single channel with the F2F visit, multichannel activities where the customers sees multiples touch-points acting independently.

Changing the Digital DNA in Pharma

We must to integrate this mentality into the DNA of the company, this state of mind, and have the right people and digital profiles experts that have internalized this “thinking omnichannel” to help make the change.

What I finally do recommend is that you look at the digital habits of oneself and how we are “influenced” in our purchases through interlaced channels trying to sell us that trip that we search at Google one day.

Of course, then another problem comes, ¿ how can we measure the effectiveness in this mix of channels ?. Although this problem is not only in Pharma: imagine how many customers visits a Nike store and after trying on the shoes then when they leave the store buy it on Amazon. How can you measure the return of the store inversion?

Omnichannel presents new challenges for attribution that are no longer linear and can not be reflected in the marketing funnel. It is necessary to think and work on new models of omnichannel marketing in Pharma to evaluate the journey of a customer and to have a more complete view of the experience on all the points of contact.

And now I’m going to try to convince my colleague that Omnichannel is something more than tools in the hands of rep, even if they are an essential channel, in many cases talking about tools is more effective in their communication the WhatsUp, but … this channel is not reported… However, with this sort of omnichannel the consumer can not choose his preferred channel only those offered by the rep!



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