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How Facebook Global Pages will help International Brands?

Of course your brand wants to reach people internationally with Facebook, but you will probably have different country pages, with different names, different languages and ways to communicate with your followers as well as most likely different admins. With Facebook Global Pages this isn’t a problem.

Global Pages are here to support and simplify your social media presence of global brands on Facebook and it will be easier to manage and measure your marketing efforts.

The migration of the active pages that your company has in different countries will be done by Facebook and you can have different admin roles for every page and of course you will have a global admin that can manage the global one and the subpages.

Of course, all will depend on your business goals or objectives and based on your social media strategy, but let’s see how it looks and how we can recognize Global Pages.

We are going to visit KitKat Global Facebook Page. On first impressions, it seems that I’m on the page of the country from which I’m connecting.  In my case, KitKat Spain.

The first important point is that if my country doesn’t have a local page, I will be redirected to the Global one. And the second point is that I can change from my country and visit other local pages of other countries with the ‘Switch Region‘ option:

Example Facebook Global pages

Another important point to consider if you decide to implement Global Pages: Facebook will total all the Likes from separate local pages when you gather them all together and create your own Global Page. Now you will have the same number of Likes on all the local and global pages. This will benefit your brand reputation.

Another important aspect that facilitates the sharing and promotion of the local Facebook Page is the possibility to customize the URLs. In the KitKat example we can see that the UK Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/kitkatuk/ and for France is https://www.facebook.com/kitkatfr/.

Also it is possible to customize the local profile, local information like website and company info, separate Timeline, Cover Photo, photo albums and apps. You will have the opportunity to personalize every single detail for your audience.

Still some Pharma companies prefer the one way communication.  With Global Pages there is no way to deactivate commenting on the Timeline. However, if you decide to put your company on social media, this non-communicative approach doesn’t make sense.

Pharma: A one way communication in Social Media doesn’t make sense!

On the other hand, we have the option to filter comments based on a list of words ( for example product names ) and hide them until we approve them or not. If we start promoting using Facebook Ads, here we will have the option of “no comments” available.

Nowadays personalized marketing communication is key to success and Global Pages can facilitate the implementation. To apply this feature you can contact Facebook here.


Social Media en Pharma evitando crisis

Social Media in Pharma: Crisis, What do I do?

If there is something that causes fear to the Pharmaceutical Industry when we talk about entering in Social Media is having to deal with possible comments and/or possible crises. On this, I always say that the fact of not being does not imply that they do not talk about you. So it’s better to be controlling communication and trying to establish a positive environment with your brand.

Social Media in Pharma: not being does not imply that they do not talk about you

What usually happens in Pharma? Simply, the same as in other sectors, sometimes we can face a crisis in Social Media, but in many cases are opportunities to offer a good service and win possible Lovers.

In these cases you have to think that social networks can act ( and I believe that they should act ) as a customer service to support your customers.

Interaction with your followers is key if you want to improve your Klout. You can see the latest Klout ranking from Pharma here.

Crisis Management Plan

You must have a plan, if you do not have a plan of action in your Social Media strategy, you are lost. We need to know what we are facing, a complete study of who is and what influence has, whether it can have transcendence, whether it is a possible orchestrated attack or simply is a comment that is not worth answering and your own followers will be in charge of helping you.

But the most important thing is to think about how you can give a service and act immediately. The customer is always in the center! Therefore depending on the degree of crisis you have to include representatives of various departments of the organization to make the right decisions.

Examples of Crisis Management in Social Media

A typical example of lack of appreciation of transcendence is the IKEA case with the famous post about complaints on the service received that was published in Microsiervos Blogging. The post ended in 2 or 3 place when you looked for the word “IKEA” in google. There was no contact to resolve the issue, perhaps the scope of Microsiervos’ positioning was underestimated.

One case that I love is the strong reaction CEO Domino’s Pizza to the case of the image of a pizza stuck to the box. Patrick Doyle recorded a video stating “We do things better” and “You should not get something like that from Domino’s”.
But he did not stay here, the chef of the company went to visit the person who had the incidence. He gave her two pizzas, a letter from the president, and a $500 card. All this, uploaded to Youtube is a sample of how to get out of a crisis and try to side with you generating a good service and admitting the mistake.

I do not want to think about what I would do if my guitar was broken and more if it is valued at $3500. This happened in 2008 to the country singer Dave Carroll in the transport of his flight with United Airlines. Before the passivity of the airline and the problems that had with the reclamation he decided to make a song about what happened. Result: The video “United Breaks Guitars” Top 10 Viral was seen by millions of people.

Social Media crisis at Pfizer

Let’s see a case fully Pharma, Pfizer and its campaign #AntesDeSerMedicina (Before Being Medicine)

Pfizer y la campaña AntesDeSerMedicina

We return to the subject of prevention, we simply have to sum a post with a call to action very open to receive comments and a promoted hashtag for Trending Topic. If we add the potential of followers with a “negative” feeling that they may have, you have a time bomb in your hands…

In this case the solution was silence and I can’t value if it is correct or not because it is difficult to judge it without to do an analysis of all the data, but I can say that the campaign had a good chance to start a crisis from the beginning.

Pfizer, crisis en Social Media con AntesDeSerMedicina
As we have seen in these examples, indifference can fuel a crisis and this can affect the reputation of the company. Prevention and speed of action are key to minimize damages and even with a good crisis management strategy change it and reinforce the company’s image.