Multichannel in the Pharma Industry

The use of Multichannel in the Pharmaceutical Industry

QuintilesIMS presented the results of an online survey that provides a very revealing discussion on the state of Pharma at the level of experience, organization, budget and strategy on Digital and Multichannel.

The report designed by@aramdaucik shows all the conclusions perfectly, but I will try to analice the data and see how the Pharmaceutical Industry itself understands its Digital and Multichannel status.

Experience: in Digital & Multichannel Marketing

Experiencia Multichannel Pharma

On the one hand there are 45% of the companies that assure to have moderately or highly experience in multichannel. However, we see that only 9% has a Digital dashboard against which to measure multi-channel activity and impact … In fact, 50% does not measure any multichannel digital actions !!

50% of Pharmaceutical Industry doesn’t measure any Multichannel activity

Regarding Social Media, 54% say that it’s a commonly use strategic channel. This fact is a surprise, because if anything highlights Pharma is in its fear of entering on Social Media. Some Pharma are doing a great job in Social Media, but for others it’s nothing more than a corporate channel, which has no real engagement with patients or it isn’t aligned with marketing objectives.

We continue with some confusion regarding Multichannel in pharma, as the report points out, 45% of Pharma say that they have experience but only 9% generate measurement dashboards and only 23% have experience of more than 3 years.

45% of Pharma claimed to have experience on multichannel, however, However, only 23% have an experience of more than 3 years

Organization: how the company is structured

We depart from the point that 45% of the laboratories do not have staff dedicated to these areas, and this information is really distressing, when today it is usual to have in any company a strong Digital department.

Only 27% of the laboratories start to create these departments with 3 people and only 22% have a department created that operates transversally and it is responsible for managing the actions in the digital and multichannel area, independently of the product.

Again, it’s difficult to understand that 50% said to have enough or much experience in Digital and Multichannel, when there is no department that truly understands multichannel and have digital knowledge to ensure the implementation of digital strategies.

Budget: how much and where are investing the laboratories

And we enter in the area of “who has the power has the budget”, and in the case of Digital unfortunately about 40% of the laboratories doesn’t have a specific budget assigned to Digital Multichannel.

In fact only 27% manages budget, this reminds me of my time to ask for money from other departments to create campaigns and how you have to be more creative to fill the budget gap and keep trying to have your Digital department grow and have your place in  the organization.

Only 18% allocate more than 5% for multi-channel and digital actions

Strategy: how Pharma use multichannel


And here is where true multichannel is shown in Pharma, the reality of multichannel understood as in 2008 was called “Multichannel”: the use of a series of channels completely independently.

SingleChannel Multichannel CrossChannel Omnichannel



Only 27% relies on a Digital cross department, most of it is outsourcing and is carried out through various agencies.

Regarding the integration with the CRM, it stands out that only 13.6% have all the channels integrated. And here we find that the first thought is the added value that would give to the Rep the information of the other channels … and for Digital Multichannel not?

In a multichannel integration it is imperative to know any F2F action carried out in order to be able to offer correct messages and information to our clients via digital.

When you only have one channel as a reference we run the risk of a multichannel strategy only from the point of view of rep (interesting topic that I deal in another post here )

From a user experience point of view with our channels, how can I offer a good cross-channel/Omnichannel experience if my channels aren’t coordinated?


If we do not have the channels integrated, it is clear what  happens with the client segmentation. In the survey it is reflected that 77% performs the segmentation only based on potential.

Segmentation: 77% performs the segmentation only based on potential

In a world where we consume information based on our preferences in terms of online or offline, in multiples devices and time slots, will be an error not consider the client preferences.

And finally, I put a question to you… How can you perform a content strategy if you do not define a clear segmentation that takes into account Digital criteria and the information of all channels in order to create a good brand experience?

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